"My experience with Bridge Therapy was amazing. Maggie was the perfect fit for my son. She was great! She helped him achieve his goals, which in turn helped him with his confidence. His speech improved dramatically and with results being seen quickly. Maggie is very knowledgeable and provides excellent feedback. There are not enough words to thank her."
- Mother of teenage son with speech disorder

"I had a wonderful experience working with Bridge Therapy this year. Mrs. Jamie was fantastic! She made a true connection with my daughter allowing her to feel comfortable and focus on improving her speech errors. My daughter looked forward to her speech session every week! Communication was wonderful and I always got great feedback when I inquired about how to support progress at home. I truly appreciate Mrs. Jamie’s dedication and the immense progress my daughter has made this year! I’m excited to send her to kindergarten so confident!”
- Mother of four year-old daughter with speech delay

"I would highly recommend Bridge Therapy. My child has been working with Mrs. Maggie for the past year and she is amazing with younger children. The sessions are set up that the children are being taught through games so they are engaged while also learning. The feedback at the end of the session is detailed and Mrs. Maggie always answers all of my questions or sets a time to address my concerns. I have seen a tremendous improvement in pronunciation and clarity of speech. I see the improvement in my child’s speech and his confidence.”

- Mother of 5-year-old son with an articulation disorder

"Maggie is wonderful! My son has been having speech therapy with her for 6/7 months and she has helped him tremendously. He enjoys playing while learning with her and I would highly recommend."

- Mother of 4-year-old son with a phonological disorder

"I feel so fortunate that my friend highly recommended my daughter's current Speech Language Pathologist - Samantha Novick. She is so talented and dynamic as a therapist. Samantha is also extremely confident in her field, loving with my daughter and uses very creative approaches to speech therapy. Most importantly, my daughter has made huge improvements with her speech. Samantha genuinely cares about my daughter and demonstrates this quality each and every speech therapy session. She is amazing! As a teacher and mother, I highly recommend her!”
- Mother of four year-old daughter with moderate phonological disorder

"Mrs. Jamie is amazing with children. She is so kind, knowledgeable and patient. My son is on the spectrum and she helped him immensely. He was unable to communicate and learned how to express himself with AAC. Now he is able to talk! I'll never forget what she did to help him!”
- Mother of eight year-old with autism spectrum disorder

"Absolutely the BEST! My son was in need of therapy for several speech deficits. We spent one year with another therapist with no results. We left that therapist feeling frustrated and hopeless. I had a friend recommend Samantha Novick to me for my son's speech therapy needs. We began therapy with Ms. Sam and within 3 months saw results! Within a year, at age 4, my son began to read! He was clearly communicating, reading and became a more social and a happier child! Now at age 6, in the 1st grade, he is reading at a fourth grade level! Ms. Sam lovingly worked with him, catered to his specific needs and guided him through a plan that has corrected his speech and set him up for success in the future! I am so thankful for her and her team!”

- Mother of 6 year-old with speech disorder

“Our son was born with speech apraxia. He has received speech therapy services since age three. He is turning 17 this month. However, his progress wasn't as noticeable until Samantha started working with him about nine months ago. We did not realize that there is a significant difference between speech therapy and speech therapy for speech apraxia.

Samantha has been delivering personalized speech therapy that relies not only on the extensive initial evaluation, but a clear understanding of our son's interests, likes and dislikes. Her lessons plans include his frequently used words, as well as new words based on schoolwork and our son's interests.

Ms. Novick's caring and unequivocal understanding of speech apraxia yielded measurable improvement in our son's speech that we haven't seen from any other therapist.”

- Parents of sixteen year-old son with childhood apraxia of speech

“With previous experience in speech therapy, we knew after our first phone conversation that Samantha was different. There was an instant comfort knowing that she would work with us to advocate for our daughter.

We knew early on that our daughter was a very quiet baby. We initially passed it off as just being her personality. We knew she had a problem when she was not meeting milestones for speech and getting frustrated that she could not communicate her needs. She also didn’t actively participate in our family and generally chose to sit on the side and watch. We also had a lot of friends and family tell us that she would talk when she was ready.

After getting over the initial hesitation, we were able to quickly start therapy and have seen huge improvements. Samantha has truly changed not only my daughters life but our whole family. Our daughter’s personality now shines, she is able to “use her words” to communicate and jumps right into our family fun.”

- Mother of two-year old daughter with significant speech delay

“Samantha Novick is an exceptional speech pathologist and one of the finest human beings we have ever met. She possesses the skills of a healer along with the compassion and dedication of a saint. These qualities are apparent to all within moments of meeting Samantha and watching her engage her patients with encouragement, patience and superb speech therapy skills.

Our Sister Julie had a severe stroke resulting in pronounced aphasia. With Samantha's help, Julie is having breakthroughs on a regular basis. She adores Samantha and looks forward to their visits and to working hard together towards their goals. Samantha Novick is a very special person; her professional skills and commitment to her patients will continue to be a source of healing and inspiration to all who have the good fortune to work with her.”

- Siblings of 60 year-old sister with aphasia (post-stroke)

“My son was diagnosed with a severe phonological disorder when he was two. We began seeing Mrs. Sam for speech therapy soon after, and all I can say is that she worked miracles with his expressive language. I fully expected speech to be a part of his life for years to come, but just a year later, after seeing Mrs. Sam for 1.5 hours each week, he graduated and was talking just like any other normal three year old.

My other two children were treated by Mrs. Sam as well during that year -- one with an articulation issue and one with a mild speech delay.

Mrs. Sam is truly the BEST! She is so sweet and loving, and makes speech therapy fun. All three of my children looked forward to getting to go see her each week, as did I. She always kept me informed and active in their progress with home practice and feedback after each session.

Mrs. Sam was made to be an SLP and I highly recommend her! It is the greatest gift to be able to understand your child, and I'm thankful to Mrs. Sam for that gift. She is invaluable to my family, and we love and miss her lots!”

- Mother of three year-old son with severe phonological disorder, one year-old daughter with speech delay, and eight year-old son with articulation disorder

“I highly recommend Samantha Novick. She interacts so well with my son. She’s patient and genuinely cares about him. We have known her now for a long time and she has been a wonderful support for my son and our family. If you’re looking for someone who is going to support you and your child, even beyond his or her speech and language needs, then you should call Samantha.”

- Mother of nine year-old son with autism spectrum disorder

“Our family has known Samantha Novick for nearly five years. Over that time we have grown to consider her a vital resource and therapist for our children. Her methods have proved useful in a variety of situations with regards to speech, apraxia, and overall autism-related difficulties. More important than any of her very talented skills, is her pure love of what she does. Our kids absolutely adore her and love working with her. Indeed, Samantha pours her heart, soul, and mind into everything she does, which is why she is so successful in her work. Her name comes up time and time again in our community of doctors, advocates, and other therapists, as they too can’t recommend her enough. We couldn’t be more grateful for all she has done for our family and recommend her to all who seek her guidance and support.”

- Parents of eight year-old son and four year-old daughter with autism spectrum disorder


Why Choose Bridge Therapy?

We love what we do and we think you will love us too! At Bridge Therapy, our goal is to provide the most effective & evidenced-based services in a compassionate, tailored and fun environment. We know that we are part of the “village” that it takes to help an individual with speech and language needs and we treat each client like family. Like a bridge, we connect, elevate and support our clients every step of the way!